Meadowside School

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium: 2016-17

Pupil Premium is allocated to schools to work with pupils who have been registered for free school meals at any point in the last six years and may be extended to include those pupils who have ever had free meal entitlement.  This is why it is important to claim your entitlement.

Children who are looked after, care leavers and children of parents serving in the forces are also entitled to premium monies.

The Government believes that the pupil premium is the best way to tackle disadvantage by ensuring that funding reaches the pupils who most need it.  It is for schools to decide how the premium is spent, with annual accountability.  This is how the Governors of Meadowside have decided to spend the school’s allocation of £16,860 for this year to improve pupil outcomes.

£7349 towards the costs of specialist support staff, where their role is to help individual pupils overcome any barriers to learning, such as: to improve their behaviour, attendance, relationships, self-esteem,to access the timetable, to cope with transition, regulate sensory input or any health (incl SEMH) or therapy issues.  1:1 mentoring and support/transport to access other professionals or external help such as Counsellors is facilitated by this role.

£2,000 towards IAG and work related learning to support individual aspiration and access to the world of work, self-improvement, successful transitions and team building.

£1,500 on i pads, software and training for Teaching Assistants to inspire learning by evidencing progress and providing immediate feedback to support accurate assessment informing the next step

£1400 on sensory integration equipment and software to support sensory modulation

£3500 on additional Speech and Language training promoting direct delivery of Speech and Language programmes and raising standards in reading

£1,111 Every pupil has different needs and therefore the support given really varies in order to meet individual needs. We have individual cases of Pupil Premium funded pupils that reflect the diversity of their needs. The level and type of intervention and support for individual pupils will often vary each year.  Interventions include: subsidising residential experiences, after school clubs, summer school; enabling all pupils to become ready to learn: to afford tuck-shop and to have food/drink when they are hungry, or concerns are raised over nutrition, offering special activities to support the grieving process, purchasing individual safety protection, personalised sensory processing equipment/consumables

We historically spent premium monies towards off-site and vocational learning; to motivate engagement and to help individual’s to develop independence, self confidence and use their life skills to generalize their learning in settings beyond the classroom.

The belief is that it is important to promote equality of relevant opportunity to motivate learning and improve the progress of individual children.

Our proposed priorities for next year are:

Continuing Professional Development on Emotional Literacy and Sensory Regulation

The promotion of Social Communication skills through focussed lunchtime clubs and activities led by trained Teaching Assistants

Additional Speech and Language input, Occupational Therapy and Sensory Regulation delivery led by trained Teaching Assistants

Additional social and emotional support to improve behaviour and develop self esteem