Meadowside School

Life Skills: DLS/ILS

In Key Stage 3, ILS (Independent Living Skills) lessons are delivered to some learners at Meadowside, for whom it is deemed appropriate. (DLS) Daily Living Skills lessons are taught to all Key Stage 4 learners.

In Post 16, all learners receive Life Skills lessons that include; the importance of healthy eating, kitchen safety, menu planning, shopping and practical cookery lessons.

Exact details and timings of lessons are available on the whole school timetable.

LTP Life skills Reviewed February 2018

LTPLife skills 2017

Self Help Skills

ILS (Independent Living Skills) lessons that are delivered to some learners in Key Stage 3, are linked to aspects within PSHE, in particular self-help and personal care. In these lessons, learners are encouraged to explore and develop a wide variety of skills to support them in developing their own independence.  ILS topics may also be stand-alone topics or support PSHE topics or planning. ILS will include lessons related to:

Health & Safety – personal hygiene, kitchen hygiene & safety including basic food/drink preparation/healthy eating /food recognition

Personal Skills – developing independence & confidence in practical tasks such as clothing (recognition/appropriate clothing/dressing skills/fastenings), personal care (hand care/hair care).

Helping Others – developing self-esteem, messages/jobs/helping others.

Daily Living Skills lessons are delivered to the majority of learners in Key Stage 4 with Post 16 learners receiving Life Skills lessons. These lessons build upon the work covered in the learners’ ILS and/or PSHE lessons in Key Stage 3.

Daily Living Skills – Within these lessons, learners are expected to gain a basic knowledge of health and safety issues and food hygiene.  They will develop their knowledge of healthy foods and will have the opportunity to gain experience in applying a variety of skills: from making a basic snack through to preparing and cooking a meal.  Learners will be encouraged to develop their team working skills and independence skills.

Life Skills – In Post 16 learners are encouraged to be involved in planning for the production of a healthy meal, shopping and spending within a budget. This gives a practical opportunity for learners to practise their money skills through the real life shopping experience and numeracy skills in the practical aspects of the lessons.