Meadowside School



The school has strong ties with many outside agencies, some who work within the school and some who are in the local community, health authority or education service. The involvement with these professionals is to support the health, welfare and the future development of the pupils.

School Nurses – 0151 678 1433
The school nurses are available for consultation by parents on any medical matters relating to their child. The school nurses also support the school doctor who holds clinic for pupils in the school.
Occupational Therapist – 0151 606 6801

The occupational therapist is based at Willowtree Resource Centre and comes into school for meetings.

Physiotherapist – 0151 678 3534

The physiotherapist and her assistants work in the school, except for Friday, and blend their work into the school day carefully to minimise the loss of lesson time. The pupils with whom they work have this provision identified on their Education Health Care Plan.

Speech Therapist – 0151 604 7280

The speech therapist visits to work with staff and those pupils who have their support indicated on their Education Health Care Plan.

Educational Psychologist

The school does have access to training for staff, advice and assessments from the educational psychologist.

Audiometrician and Chiropodist

The Audiometrician and Chiropodist visit the school.

Teachers for the Visually Impaired & Hearing Impaired

Specialist teachers visit the school after a referral of a pupil to provide advice to staff.

The Health Authority’s Child & Family Team

(Up to 16 years) – 0151 334 4000 Ext 5209

(Adolescent Support – 16 – 19 years) – 0151 355 3410

With the parents’ agreement the Headteacher or school Doctor can ask for support from these teams for families where a child’s emotional or behavioural needs require some specialist input. Parents can also self refer to these services through their G.P.

Educational Social Worker – 0151 637 6060

The Local Authority has a trained social worker attached to the school that can offer support for the complex issues when attendance at school may be a problem for our pupils.

Social Services for Complex Needs – 0151 522 0710

Parents may self refer to this support service.

In Year 14, as students approach the end of their time at Meadowside, we work  with them, their parents and a range of relevant organisations to prepare for the next stage in their lives.  The transition to opportunities such as local Colleges, employment and training options are supported by one of the Local Authority’s Education Health Care Plan Co-ordinators.  From Year 9 the school also works closely with a member of staff who is the Work-related Learning Co-ordinator for the Wirral Special Schools Collaborative to support students’ learning and career plans through the provision of a range of work-related learning options including work experience placements.