Meadowside School


Timetable 2016-17


Every Child Matters

The five Every Child Matters outcomes are the foundation for the broad and balanced curriculum taught throughout Meadowside School.  These are:

– Be Safe

– Stay Healthy

– Enjoy and Achieve

– Make a Positive Contribution

– Achieve Economic Well-being

Bespoke Learning

Many young people in Meadowside have timetables designed carefully to meet their specific needs. Some children have made the transition to Meadowside during Key Stage 2, in Year 6, for varying individual reasons.

Key Stage 3

When your child joins us in Year 7, based on transition information gained, and in discussion with you, he or she will be placed in the most appropriate teaching group.

Flexible Grouping

Where appropriate Year 7 pupils join a group which benefits from being taught a curriculum based on the secondary curriculum, including the National Curriculum but using a primary class based model.  For some subjects e.g. Music, Science, Design and Technology, PE and Art, pupils are taught by specialist teachers in specialist rooms.  For the rest of their timetable they are taught by one teacher in a classroom base.

There are two other teaching groups that run across the school; Flair and Fusion.  The groups and teaching styles are flexible in response to pupils’ learning styles.  In Flair Group pupils have a highly experiential curriculum based on early learning goals using sensory approaches and immersive learning environments.  In Fusion Group pupils have an active, physical start each morning,  a focus on Education in the Community  with additional swimming sessions incorporated into their timetable.


The Key Stage 3 curriculum focuses on all subjects which your son or daughter is familiar from primary school, as well as skills for life.  The Modern Foreign Language taught at Meadowside is French.  Multi cultural activities are celebrated where the focus is on speaking and listening, with multi-sensory activities involving music and tasting samples of food from other countries.

Key Stage 4

In Years 10 and 11, there are more opportunities for inclusive learning and education in the community.  Personal strengths and interests are built on and learning opportunities extended, both on and off site, accredited where possible.  For example, pupils can access Horticulture, Water Sports, Team Work, Drama and Diversity and inclusion in a local High School, accessing a range of qualifications.

Post 16:Independence and Inclusion

The prime focus for learners in Years 12-14 is Independence and Inclusion, in preparation for life outside, or after Meadowside School; at an appropriate level for each young person.  Different progression routes focus on:

– Social and Personal Skills

– Life Skills

– Vocational Skills

– Core Curriculum

Key Skills

In addition, there is a greater focus in Post 16 on the six Key Skills which are:

– Communication (including Literacy)

– Application of Number

– Information Technology

– Working with Others

– Problem- solving

– Improving Own Learning

Work Skills and Leisure

All Key Stage 4 and Post 16 timetables are supported by a range of real life experiences, including Work-Related Learning Skills Week, work experiences, off-site learning and community inclusion opportunities.  All of these opportunities will be balanced by a focus on a broad curriculum, based mainly on the National Curriculum in preparation for a fulfilling adult life.  At Meadowside,  we support learners to plan for the future  in preparation for transitions such as moving into Post 16, Further Education and training or wider opportunities.  A wealth of enrichment activities is offered across the school to motivate learning and to raise aspirations.