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We provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment, with a rich, balanced and relevant curriculum where we also teach personal and social skills, self help skills, how to manage emotions and how to plan for the future.  These are essential skills and qualities that colleges, employers and other providers will be looking for when your child leaves Meadowside as a young adult, looking with you, for further relevant life opportunities

All learners are taught to respect themselves and others, to develop their self esteem, to learn to take turns, share and contribute to teamwork when solving problems or making a big shared effort.  Learners are encouraged to take part in fund raising to benefit others and the whole school community.  We have a proactive School Council who advocate the wishes and views of the learners and actively raise funds to improve the school environment, have a say in staff appointments and have their say at local or regional events, supported by our Learning Mentor

We support individuals to explore the world of work, further education and leisure; and how to balance any health, medical or therapy needs, when planning for their future.  We encourage high realistic aspirations and support families and learners to realise these.  We plan individualised progression routes through person centred planning .

Safer use of technologies such as: mobile phones, “apps”, social networking, cameras etc. are promoted, as are healthy choices, safer relationships and positive lifestyles.

We prioritise communication including literacy across the whole of school life, promoting a total communication environment, where individuals can have their say and be listened to by staff encouraging the use of objects of reference, photos, gestures, signs, symbols, communication aids and speech to convey meaning.

We deliver through a variety of teaching approaches and support learning in a way that is personalised to your child’s needs and we welcome your support, working as a team with other relevant professionals to get the very best outcomes for your child.

As the school develops and improves each term, please feel free to ring or e mail, to ask questions or come and see us and talk with staff, learners and other parents.  You are most welcome to come to any of our social events. Please leave your contact details with the school office or learning mentor

We hope your son/daughter, or family member will enjoy and benefit from his/her time in our school, of which we are very proud, gaining skills, independence and confidence, and that you will join us to support them in this goal.

To make transition into Meadowside smooth and tailor-made, please look at our transition information.  Please be assured that a personalised approach will be planned to meet both you and your child’s individualised needs to facilitate a successful transition.

Pool Lane, Wirral, Merseyside CH49 5LA

0151 678 7711

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 School  Staff

Senior Leaders:

Ms Dunn – Assistant HeadTeacher

Ms Freeman – Learning Mentor

Ms Green – Business Manager

Ms Hughes – Assistant Head Teacher

Ms Wareing – Head Teacher

Ms Wright – Welfare Lead

Middle Leaders:

Ms Hoffmann – Teacher

Ms Jones – Teacher

Mr Stubbs – Teacher

Other Teachers:

Ms Branch

Ms Ubeda

Support Staff:

Ms Albertson – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Ms Billington – Sayer – Swim Coach

Ms Miller – Cover Supervisor

Teaching Assistants: Ms Gadi, Ms Gilbert, Ms Gardiner, Ms Hulings, Ms Jackson, Ms Kilbride – Lunchtime Supervisor, Ms Lawton, Ms Lightfoot, Ms Longer, Ms Morris, Ms Pude, Ms Reeves, Ms Ross, Ms Roberts, Ms Roebuck, Ms Stevenson, Ms Wilson.

Administrative Staff:  Ms Pemberton, Ms Wood, Ms Williams

Premises staff:  Mr Dakin – Caretaker, Ms Derbyshire, Ms Winstanley



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